Take a look at a couple ways on how to save money

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Insurance is one of those necessities that, while you know you have to have it, you hope you’ll never have to use it, and by making sure that you are adequately covered, you can go about your daily business and not worry about every little misstep you’re going to take. In other words, some of what you’re buying is peace of mind, and the freedom to go out into the world and not have to worry whether or not something, or someone, could ruin your whole life economically. Keeping the right amount of insurance on your car is important, but having too much coverage can be expensive and not really helpful. Let’s take a look at a couple ways you can save on your insurance next time you renew.

There are several different ways that you can reduce the risk of you having a claim on your car insurance, and one of those is to make sure that your car is kept off the street, and in the garage, most all of the time. It’s a proven fact, that the more time your car spends parked on the street, the more likely it is going to be damaged, vandalized, or stolen, so many companies offer discounts on comprehensive and collision coverage if you’re car’s kept in a garage when not in use. Being garaged protects your car from hailstones, falling branches, drunk drivers, children’s bicycles, and thieves, thereby reducing the chances of you having an insured loss. Most insurance companies will offer a discount for cars that are kept safely off the street.

Many times, a great way to save money, is to increase your deductible on comprehensive and collision coverage. Collision coverage covers just your car in the event that you have an accident that is your fault. If your not a person that tends to have a lot of accidents, then maintaining a high deductible on collision is an intelligent move for you. After just several years of paying reduced rates, you will have saved enough money to cover the cost of the deductible in case of an insured loss. In addition to that, many auto body repair shops will give you a discount that partially covers your deductible in order to gain your business if you do have an accident, but you’ll need to be sure and ask for it.

So there you have two great ways to save money on your car insurance. Sometimes it is worth your while to go online and enter different deductible amounts on the car insurance calculators available on the Internet to see how much it changes your final rate. You can easily do this on many different sites (like carinsuranceminimizer.com) that are now available and it can be quite informative.

Who manufactured some of the most interesting and ingenious pots, pans, and kitchen wares?


stencil.blog-post-image (1)At one time (1890 & early 1900,s) the oldest building in the complex — now our Trattoria — housed the Frederick City Manufacturing Company which was owned by the Fahrney Family and manufactured ink. In fact, a direct descendant of this operation now exists as the Fahrney Ink & Pen Company of Washington, D.C. Later, Dr. P.D. Fahrney originated the Victor Remedies Company. The fifth generation in a line of family physicians from Boonsboro, Maryland, Fahrney was destined to become an entrepreneur in his own right. His time-tried concoction of roots, herbs, berries, and barks was introduced to the public as Victor Liver Syrup in the late 1800’s and met with instant success. A multitude of remedies, intended for man and beast, including Victor Pain Balm, Victor Headache Syrup, and Victor Liniment, were introduced during the next forty years on this original site.

Although Fahrney’s family original elixir’s no longer are available upon request, our Trattoria (initially Victor’s Saloon & Raw Bar) has created a modern drink menu — consisting of both alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages — guaranteed to stimulate and refresh the senses.

In 1923, the Lebherz Family opened up the Everedy Factory which manufactured ingenious cooking utensils and gadgets. The original Lebherz held the No.1 patent on the bottle capper — several now are displayed in our bar. This invention was very popular with the public who were making home-brew during the Prohibition Era. Some Fredericktonians were insistent that people were not making home-brew, but that they made root beer. Interesting as this notion might be, it would now appear strange because the fact is that the Everedy Factory could not sell many bottle cappers after the Prohibition was repealed! Could it be that people lost their taste for root beer after the Prohibition ceased? You may be the judge of that.

During the next 30 to 40 years, the Everedy Factory manufactured some of the most interesting and ingenious pots, pans, and kitchen wares. They were one of the first companies to make chrome-plated utensils and to teflon coat pots and pans. During the World War II years, the factory was converted to make munitions, among which were grenades.

After having been purchased by a larger company, the facilities production was transferred elsewhere, and what was known as The Everedy Company finally closed its door in 1977. During the ensuing years the property was rented to small independent businesses, e.g. and ironcraft store, and antique store, an appliance store, C & P Telephone housed some of its operations in stores along Church Street extended.

In 1984, William B. Anderson, owner of Antique Imports in the south west corner of East and Second Streets, purchased the property. His creative genius is expressed in the rather unique restoration of the present Everedy Square complex which is an excellent example of what can be done in old dying industrial urban areas. Much of the 3 some odd acres which made up the Everedy property was under roof. Under the direction of Bert Anderson, the shack-type buildings were removed and the sturdy ones renovated. Everedy Square stands as a monument to creative redevelopment,

The first tenant of Everedy Square was Frederick School Supply store which moved into its present East Church Street location in 1985.

Tauraso’s began construction of the restaurant in Labor Day 1986 and opened its doors only 3 months later on 8 December.

Coconut Oil, One Example Of Medical Advice That Turned Out To Be Wrong


For several decades, the health professionals maintained that coconut oil was a health risk because of the high saturated fat content that it contained. One of the problems with the research is that it was done using hydrogenated coconut oil and not pure oil. As it turns out, it was the hydrogenation process that made coconut oil and all similar oils bad for our health. That’s a stark example of medical advice that turned out to be wrong. There are quite a few great benefits of this natural oil, let’s go over some now.


Coconut Oil Has Been Used For Hundreds Of Years

In many cultures around the world, they have been using coconut oil in their hair, on their skin, and in their food with no ill effect at all. In fact, the virgin coconut oil that is mostly used throughout the world is very healthy and helps to cleanse the arteries of the same cholesterol it was suspected of creating.

There are even researchers investigating whether coconut oil could help those with Alzheimer’s disease but the studies¬† aren’t complete yet. Although the oil of coconuts contain almost 92% saturated fat, one of the highest in the plant or animal kingdom, it has the ability to reduce inflammation of arteries, lower triglycerides in the blood,¬† and increase the balance of HDL cholesterol, the good kind that’s healthy for your heart.


Coconut Oil Is Good For Your Skin In Many Ways

While coconut oil is now considered healthy to eat when it once was avoided, it’s always been known to be great for skin and skin ailments. If you’re pregnant and want to prevent stretch marks on the thighs, stomach, and breasts, you can apply virgin coconut oil to those areas daily to keep the skin moist and supple, thus preventing stretch marks.

Coconut oil is one of the great examples of medical and health advice that has turned out to be seriously wrong. Now everyone can take advantage of this inexpensive oil to get healthy arteries, skin, and hair with this beneficial all natural oil.